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PBS Film School Shorts: Glory Days

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This film really succeeded in stressing me out.

My issue was with the sheer amount of irresponsibility on the father’s part. He leaves his young children standing in the middle of a crowded room of intoxicated people so that he can flirt. He lets his friend carry him down a path he knows he should not be going down. As a result, his daughter drinks alcohol, and his son engages in a fight set up by the same friend.

The film underlines the fundamental need to let go of our former selves and embrace our current obligations, especially as parents.

Film School Shorts: First Match

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First Match

A young female wrestler attempts to navigate her place on her all-male high school wrestling team in this film. The film tackles the topic of overcoming fundamental adolescent issues without embarrassment or ridicule. The film highlights the friction her gender has caused in her relationship with her father. He loves his daughter and is supportive of her dreams, but there is some apparent hesitation.

Does he think his daughter should be in a different sport (more acceptable for girls), or is he resentful that she is a girl? It is interesting and open-ended. It feels like the main character may be an only child or the only girl in her family, and she feels like she has to work hard to get her father’s approval. I am curious about her mother’s whereabouts because it would explain why there is a strain in their relationship.

A powerful and notable scene was her decision to walk back into the gym instead of running after her father when he left. To me, it felt like she knew she could not make him stay, but she can be confident that he was warming up to her decisions.

Other Films to Watch:

Dia de Los Muertos

This is an animated film about a little girl’s journey into the beyond, to experience the magic of Dia de Los Muertos.

Owl and Mouse

This is an animated film about an unlikely bond that forms between an owl and mouse during a rainstorm.

So You’ve Grown Attached

This was a very creative film about an imaginary friend who must come to terms with the loss of his aging originator. I thought the film was terrific. I liked how the imaginary friend chose to evolve to meet his originator’s needs rather than merely retire. Luckily, he soon learns that it is better to let her go.

PBS Film School Shorts: Josephine and the Roach, Will, and Springtime

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Josephine and the Roach *graphic scene*

I immediately loved the ambiance of this film. It reminds me very much of the feature film Amelie. The film feels very Parisian, as in, it feels very romanticized and dreamlike. It is a unique film style that makes you feel good and uncomfortable simultaneously.

The story is cute. Though the likelihood of a roach and a woman falling in love is not practical, you are still rooting for them to succeed.

Will *trigger warning*

It is a gripping film of a girl’s recount of life before her father’s death on September 11th, 2001. The magnitude of her loss is permeating; it makes the film all the more heartbreaking to watch. It is a film of what-ifs and what was.


This woman’s energy and courage for something new are infectious. This film proves that it is never too late to change things that no longer positively serve you. If an 86 year-old woman can pick up and leave her former life with just a suitcase and a few bags of seasoned pork, you can too.