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SFW FILM PICKS: On the Same Page

On the Same Page-CG Meetup

YVFF 2021: Caroline

Photo by Bruno Feitosa on Pexels.com


This film had a bit of a slow start, but I liked the dynamic on-screen relationship between the two characters (Rachael Rath and Terrance Richardson). The film is a bit different, but not so different that the viewer cannot enjoy the creativity. I thought the art exhibition was fascinating; this idea of tackling the ultimate sense of vulnerability and trust within oneself. The film underlines two artists from different backgrounds, different artistic styles creating a unified vision. *warning: mature content*

Yucca Valley Film Festival 2021 is available on XERB until November 21, 2021.

AAIFF: Ones To Watch Review

My Pumpkin, My Boo

I enjoyed the comic quality of this film. A pumpkin and a ghost forge an unlikely friendship through a shared love of what candy represents to the world. My greatest takeaway from the film was the need to find acceptance by finding your purpose, and through this, you can achieve transcendence.

The Black Collective

I love the moral of this film and its promotion of black businesses in California.


This was a cute film to watch. I loved the creativity of the animation and the overall message of never giving up on your projects, even if the results are not immediate.


This film highlights the casualties of war, as told by a survivor from Laos. His sacrifices paved the way for his daughter to now accomplish her goals. This film is to honor him.

The Gull’s Shriek

If you are going to put your creative work out there in the world, especially in the realm of creative arts, you have to be comfortable with criticism. This film follows a girl’s struggle with navigating this reality while still holding onto her passion and sanity. In the end, her emotions get the best of her.

Beyond the Model

This is a must-watch film; it is well made and informative about current social issues plaguing minorities.

Gerald’s Bad JuJu *trigger warning*

This is a dark comedy film about what it feels like to grow up as a man sometimes: the endless expectations, the demands, and the inadequacies. While many men can push through it, this film brings attention to the imperfections of that whole process. I think this is a film that should be nominated for some awards if it hasn’t already.