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National Screen Institute-Canada: #Cold *Trigger Warning*

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

A guy wanting to end his life meets a former classmate who gives him more reasons to live.

They are both lonely people, but they handle their loneliness in different ways. She shows him that it is okay not having all the answers to life’s questions. That life is not meant to be taken so seriously. She gives him the courage to laugh at himself and proves that failing is not the end of the world. Her goal in life is to spread tiny seeds of wisdom to her internet community.

Unlike the guy, she does not take online bullying seriously. She brushes off foul comments by sending negative commenters loving words of encouragement and redirecting them to her other off-beat blog posts.

Like in Leben!, this girl beacons the guy towards a normal and less extreme existence.

CG Meetup: Don’t You Know You’re Queen

Photo by Fillipe Gomes on Pexels.com

This is a darkly crafted experimental short that plays around with different graphic design elements to create a style I have never seen before. To me, this film paints a rare picture of self-discovery and liberation. One, that represents all the unique wonders we get when we have the courage to be who we are always meant to be.