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A Little Elbow Room By Mavreen David

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This NSI short film is about a Canadian couple who buys a small breakfast café in Vancouver after losing their jobs.

A Little Elbow Room becomes a saving grace for co-owners Patrick and Bryan. Unafraid of being a crass restauranteur, the restaurant’s business strategy has evolved to match Patrick’s personality. The pair make a point to market their business as a comfortable place to be different. Advocates for HIV/AIDS, the couple has raised over $67,000 to the organization, A Loving Spoonful, which is a cause to help those with HIV and AIDS.

Rangan 99 By Tiyam Yabandeh Jahroumi *Viewer Warning*

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A Must Watch! This film is one of the best independent short films I have seen in a while.

There is such raw attention to detail from the first scene, and I felt absorbed in the moment with the characters. There is a mysterious atmosphere, and you are not quite sure what is going on or what will happen next. Also, the actors’ performance and the cinematography are top-notch; there were some stunning scenes, and the challenges faced by the characters are believable. You can feel their pain. Excellent filmmaking.

Crafted By Morgan Spurlock

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This is a refreshing short about getting back to the basics of why we do what we do. The film investigates five master artisans, each with a story that embodies a love for carving a unique path of purpose. Each started with what was available to them, and they are grateful to see their passions materializing success genuine to them. This film is also a testament to keeping the faith alive for other business owners. You will face hardships, but you will also have a valid reason to continue.

YVFF 2021: King of Dinoland and Kiss The Ground [Final]

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King of Dinoland

This film allows me to reminisce about my childhood growing up in the desert.

Abe’s personality is very adventurous and childlike, and I think his environment really brings that out of him. When you grow up in a desert (whether physically or metaphorically), you learn to make something out of nothing. Nature is very much a part of your life. Abe’s love for his art is infectious. Whether he makes money from his craft or not, the experience he gets from crafting his wooden pieces is therapeutic. The film was a wild ride, and I thoroughly enjoyed it

Kiss The Ground

Though this film is not short (at nearly two hours), I think you should watch it. The theme is soil science and regenerative agriculture. The film does a great job of breaking down soil science and explaining how climate change works. Our environment is not designed to be mass-produced. Yet, we live in a world of mass production and excess, with the final result being: us all suffering in the long term for a day’s short-term gains.  

Woody Harrelson narrates the film.