Yucca Valley Film Festival 2020/2021: Maestro, Super Generic, and The Penguin & The Whale

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com



This is a film about a squirrel with an astute ear for music. He starts an orchestra in the middle of the forest using only the voices of his fellow woodland creatures. The scenes in this film are photorealistic and unbelievably beautiful.

Super Generic

This is a cleanly designed film heavily influenced by Pixar.


The Penguin & The Whale

This short film emphasizes the harmful effects of climate change and marine pollution on arctic marine animals, as told by their point of view.

Other Films to Watch

The Cactus Cat [2021]

I thought Cactus Cat was an interesting story about the consequences of losing oneself. The Cactus Cat, or Jack, was set in his way but wanted a more stable life for the lost kitten.

The Rhino and The Redbill [2021]

I would not mind seeing this animation on television or in the theater. It was fun with a unique artistic vision.

Yucca Valley Film Festival 2021 is available on XERB until November 21, 2021.