CG Meetup: The Doll That Chose to Drive

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on

The Doll That Chose to Drive is an intriguing short animation that serves to arouse attention to the gender division between toys typically meant for girls and boys. 

Why can’t a doll operate a fast car just like the boys?

This film follows a female doll possessing that very thought-that she can play with whatever she wants. The doll jumps in one of the fastest cars she can find (Audi R8) and takes a joyride around the store during closing hours. Her goal is to break free from stereotypes and she achieves that when she gets in that car.

The storyline also brings attention to the divisive stigma placed on male and female drivers. With the film, believing that these ideals are rooted in the way toys are marketed to adolescent children.