Film School Shorts: Salt and Sweet, Sweet Country

Photo by Vindhya Chandrasekharan on

Salt *trigger warming*

This was a well-crafted film. I could instantly feel the profound emotion with each scene; it was almost melodic in delivery. I thought the actors were great at their roles and nailed a bizarrely beautiful film. I am surprised the boy did not tell anyone sooner what he witnessed; I assume he wanted to have a moment to pay his respects to her. Not that she could have been saved, but her distraught family would have been able to grieve her loss much sooner.

One of two things was troubling the girl. She was either mentally ill and lost in this altered reality, or two, she genuinely believed in the folktale and was blinded by her child innocence.

Sweet, Sweet Country *content warning*

This is an authentic film about a young refugee inevitably forced to survive in the U.S. on her own. Turning to illegal prostitution to support herself, she dutifully sends any excess money back home to her unassuming family in Somalia. When her family unexpectedly arrives in the U.S., the young refugee is confronted with harsh judgment from her father and the potential loss of a primary client.