Reel South Shorts: The Basin, Uniontown, and Signs [Final]

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The Basin

I love crawfish; thus, I love this film. The Basin follows two prominent crawfish farmers as they discuss climate change affecting their businesses and livelihoods.


I highly recommend watching this film. The film Uniontown strives to bring attention to the shady business practices of industrial companies. Namely, the pollution of low-income and poverty-stricken neighborhoods is being swept under the rug. The film follows this small city as they fight back against the big guys.

Signs *trigger warning*

This is a troubling film about the relentless fight park rangers, city officials, and civil rights organizations must have with safeguarding the Emmett Till Monumental Sign in Mississippi.

Other Films to Watch:

Lipstick and Leather *content warning*

This is an in-depth film about how some select members of the drag community are searching to find newfound liberation in Washington, DC.

Le Boulanger

This is an inspirational film about a french immigrant business owner and how he built his own community even in a faraway land.

History in Pieces

This is a film about a man’s life-long passion for finding and collecting Native American arrowheads.