Reel South Shorts: As In Death

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As In Death

This film was a bit macabre. However, I love the message being delivered… Do what you feel is right, regardless of the opposition.

To many, Sidney Brodie’s steadfast determination to honor the children and young adults killed in Durham, North Carolina, by sewing their names into a quilt, is bordering on obsession. An unhealthy addiction to a dark subject matter that is likely to plague the most healthy of minds. But I think what Sidney is doing and the sacrifices he is making are honorable, and a beautiful depiction of humanity at its finest. Sidney Brodie should be celebrated for having the courage to do something like this for another human being.

Sidney’s quilt is more so a tangible manifestation of a desire all we wish to fulfill. When we lose someone dear to us, we will give anything to see them again, hold them again. The quilt is therapeutic because it gives survivors something physical to focus on when emptiness is felt everywhere else. The quilt lets family and friends of the deceased know that their loved one will never be forgotten and that their life had meaning.

This film is so impactful because it represents the positivity of a selfless act in a stranger’s life.

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