Vancouver Latin Film Festival

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My Weaving Hands

The film artistically describes the laborious process of making clothing for the street market from the seller’s perspective. The purpose of this film is to show tourists that while it feels natural to haggle a price, it, in turn, can signal to the seller that their work and time are undervalued.


This film emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s culture despite discrimination. In modern times, people can (and should) exist in both worlds; in the contemporary world, where opportunities for personal growth may exist, and in the traditional world, where you find your place and identity in society.

Wolves Dream of The Lord’s Lambs

When I watched this film, I had many theories about what was going on.

I think my interpretation of the film is vastly different from the write-up. I knew Marcia was different, maybe even magical, after performing a ritual to “awaken” the drowned boy. I assumed that his ghost was haunting her; I didn’t realize he was in between worlds.

I also think Marcia refused to heal her husband because she was aware of the unintentional freedom his illness gave her, and she did not want to lose this power over him. The ending scene, when she is in the river, confirms this assumption.