PBS Film School Shorts: Lambing Season and A World for Raul

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

Lambing Season

I honestly was not expecting to like this film as much as I did.

Essentially, an American woman takes her significant other to meet her estranged father, whom she has not seen since her childhood. All she has is an old photograph, her ambition, and the hope that her father still remembers her. She comes across a man she thinks is her father, only to learn that her family’s secrets are more profound than she first thought.

A World for Raul * Content Warning *

While this film has a trigger warning, I grew to appreciate the story being told. It’s a practical story, a disturbing testament to life for some people, and it all boils down to what we must do to survive in a cruel world.

What stood out to me in this film was the power shifts occurring between the characters. The father brings his son along for a business trip because he needs him to entertain his boss’s son. The boss’s son assumes that he has power and authority over the boy because of his father’s position. Despite the boy’s predicament, he manages to do something I was not expecting. He keeps his trauma (and the boss’s son’s secret) to himself and instead uses it as collateral and further incentive for any current and future business deals. He had every opportunity to crumble, as the situation called for losing his pride and dignity, but he didn’t let it.

The film is very much fictional, but I understand that it is also based on real life. I do not condone business deals like this, especially ones that involve children in this way. I know it is doubtful that the employee knows about the boss’s son’s nefarious activities, but it also makes me wonder how long this has been going on? Also, what else has this boy endured until this point, considering his reticent demeanor?

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