PBS Film School Shorts: Josephine and the Roach, Will, and Springtime

Photo by Ryanniel Masucol on Pexels.com

Josephine and the Roach *graphic scene*

I immediately loved the ambiance of this film. It reminds me very much of the feature film Amelie. The film feels very Parisian, as in, it feels very romanticized and dreamlike. It is a unique film style that makes you feel good and uncomfortable simultaneously.

The story is cute. Though the likelihood of a roach and a woman falling in love is not practical, you are still rooting for them to succeed.

Will *trigger warning*

It is a gripping film of a girl’s recount of life before her father’s death on September 11th, 2001. The magnitude of her loss is permeating; it makes the film all the more heartbreaking to watch. It is a film of what-ifs and what was.


This woman’s energy and courage for something new are infectious. This film proves that it is never too late to change things that no longer positively serve you. If an 86 year-old woman can pick up and leave her former life with just a suitcase and a few bags of seasoned pork, you can too.