G.I.F.T. Short Film Festival [14-15]: Miscommunication, Deeper, Normal Family, The Path, and The Perfect Teen [Final]

Photo by A Koolshooter on Pexels.com


The main idea that stood out to me in this film was Destinee’s attentiveness to ending destructive family cycles. In her family, there is a lack of communication between her and her mother. After digging deeper into the dynamics of their relationship, Destinee discovers that the lack of understanding was not intentional but rather a result of how her mother was raised.

Deeper: What is A Woman?

This film features three friends who question what a woman is, in the context of their individual lives and cultures. The friends also discuss their hopes for the future for women and their hopes for the type of women they will become when they grow up.  

Normal Family

This film questions what a typical family looks like in today’s society. In her film, Maya attempts to answer this question by using her own family as an example. Though she and her brother were raised with two mothers, she had a normal childhood. To Maya, gender should not play such a critical role in what makes a parent. If they do their job well, why should it matter?

On the flip-side, one of Maya’s mothers discusses the cultural and societal difficulties she faced with coming out to her own family. She was essentially outcasted, but despite the rejection she felt from her biological family, she was able to forge her path by starting her own.

The Path

This is a revealing film about the struggles of children of immigrant parents and the continuous pressures they experience with needing to succeed in American society.

The Perfect Teen

Like The Path, this film is about how society places high expectations on younger generations to succeed and perform well. The film investigates the development of mental health issues experienced by these students.