SJWIFF: Glad You’re Here, The Onyx Butterfly, and MerB’ys [Final]

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Glad You’re Here

I adore this film. It’s a raw personal account of the main character’s life. She highlights the ups and downs of her marriage, her learning disability, her self-sacrifices, motherhood, and eventually her journey to find her purpose in life again after domestic abuse.

A quote that stood out to me was, “I wonder that I will never fall in love with someone I can trust, but that is the price of freedom,” such powerful words that resonant deeply.

The Onyx Butterfly

A charming film about a black dancer’s experience in ballet: I love how supportive his parents are of their son’s artistic journey. His journey as a dancer has allowed him to question typical male stereotypes and dissect the masculinity of males in performance dance.

The MerB’ys

This is another film that challenges the perspective of masculinity. Is it wrong for men to put glitter in their beards and don a mermaid tail? The MerB’ys is a social club that allows men to get out of their comfort zones, tell their personal stories, connect with other people, and give back to charity. It is an opportunity for typically masculine men not to take life so seriously and have fun.

This film festival ends Today, 8/22/21