St. John’s Women’s International Film Festival: Tips and Journey of Possibilities

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This is an absolutely hilarious film. The lead actress did an excellent job, and I love the overall plot development.  The film embodies what many waiters and waitresses wish they can do when they get a bad review. If not for it being  socially unacceptable, they would hunt the person down and ask why. What made the film fun was how accurate it highlights the limitations of a service worker. Such as, they have these constrained tools to work with to make customers happy; anything below a good review feels like a personal attack. A bad review can almost be too much to bear for those who take their jobs seriously. This is an entertaining film, definitely a must-watch.

Journey of Possibilities

This is another must-watch film about a woman’s journey through life as an amputee. Her story, courage, and triumphs over adversity are inspiring. What I love most about this film is that despite her need to depend on others, the main character is cognizant of their emotional limitations. A moment that stood out to me in the film is when the main character says that our most significant challenge in life is finding ourselves and being ok with being alone. I think that is a very accurate statement. Like the main character says, her emotions get muddled when her boyfriend is around, and she is not sure what she is feeling at any given moment. Being alone is sometimes a scary reality, but I think it is also necessary for personal growth.

Other films to check out:

The Healing Dance

The film reflects a girl discovering the origins of her tribe’s Native American healing dance and her place in this community.