G.I.F.T. Short Film Festival [16-18]: Fluid, Reflections, The Dancing Bears, and Get Lifted

Photo by Dhyamis Kleber on Pexels.com


This is a film about a girl’s honest conversation with herself and her family about her sexuality.


This is such a good film. It is an exciting perspective on the filmmaker’s self-awareness. Though the film is a bit dim, it is a truthful representation of her views. I think the filmmaker did a great job expressing herself.

The Dancing Bears

I love the message coming through in this film. It is a short biopic about the necessity for equal treatment of students with developmental issues. The film demonstrates, with the right program and teacher, anything is possible for these students.

Get Lifted

What I loved most about this film was Jaali’s mother revealing to her daughter that her happiness was more important than perfect grades. I am glad that Jaali began to take school more seriously again. She is lucky to have such a good support system in her friends.