G.I.F.T. Short Film Festival [19-22]: Dear Alex, Gratitude, Skeleton Of A Moth, and She Wanted To Be A Cowboy

Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

Dear Alex

A poetic film about a girl’s battle with the loss of her father: though it was not revealed if her father is still alive, it is apparent that he has been absent from her life for quite some time. You can sense her bitterness, as well as her hurt and anguish, due to this loss.


A sweet film about being thankful for life and the sacrifices that your parents have made for you: in the wake of the pandemic, the filmmaker has the opportunity to slow down and appreciate life.

Skeleton of a Moth

This is a complicated film that deals with young victims of SA. The girls speak about their wide-ranging encounters and the trauma they are now working through. The film makes a point to examine SA as a genderless experience that can happen to anyone. Though the film was produced in the U.K., the themes discussed are reciprocated worldwide.

She Wanted to Be a Cowboy

I instinctively gravitated to this film. This biopic about an artist’s emotional relationship with her pets goes beyond the usual satisfaction of pet ownership.