G.I.F.T. Short Film Festival [16-18]: Alkalize or Die, Annie Atighioyak (PANAK)’s Story, Derailed, and Eyes Behind The Frame

Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

Alkalize or Die

This was a fascinating experimental film about the significance of water. I was not expecting to appreciate this film style and its accentuation of blue.

Annie Atighioyak (PANAK)’s Story

Annie’s story is a rich testament to life as an elder in Canada’s Inuinnait community. In the film, you are given a glimpse into what a typical day looks like for Annie.


This is a film about the spoils of divorce, as told from a child’s perspective. In this film, much importance is placed on the child’s emotional well-being, especially when one of the parents is absent after separation.

Eyes Behind The Frame

This is a film about the next generation of young female photographers in street and portrait photography.