Asian American International Film Festival: CUNY Short Showcase

Photo by Eva Elijas on

Though not a massive selection of films this year, I thought what was submitted was excellent. One film that stood out to me, though, was Morkovcha.

Morkovcha recounts what life was like for the filmmaker and her family growing up as Korean Russians in Uzbekistan, and how her culture and childhood had shaped her perspective on life, especially when it came to making her comfort meal (Morkovcha, or Korean Carrot Salad). I enjoyed this film because it felt different to me. Such as, I did not know there was a renaming system in place to lengthen Korean names because they were too short. It is interesting tidbits like this that make me glad that this film was produced.

Even though donations are greatly appreciated, the showcase is available for free on the AAIFF website if you cannot afford to donate.