PBS The Latino Experience [Episode 1]: The Blue Cape, The Shop, and Dear Queer Dancer [Final]

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

The Blue Cape

This is a moving film about a little boy helping his mom as she cares for his ailing grandfather. When she tells him to go to the local pharmacy to get his grandfather’s insulin, he grabs his blue cape and takes on the challenge. He arrives at the pharmacy and cleverly manages to get the medicine with the help of a stranger. As he returns from his arduous mission, he walks into his grandfather’s room to see his mother crying.

The Shop

This is a fun film about two women partnering to create letterpress artwork that bridges Spanish and English. Marketing their work as a fun take on Spanglish, this retail business makes differences in language less foreign.

Dear Queer Dancer

This is a film about LGBTQ+ dancing couples leading the drive for more inclusive couples Latin dance competitions. These couples had made it their mission to show that their skill for dancing should trump any concern about the way they look. They hope that their effort will pave the way for younger generations and create more opportunities in Latin Dance for everyone.