G.I.F.T. Short Film Festival [13 and younger]: Crow Call and Response and History In The Making: Poem

Photo by Matt Hatchett on Pexels.com

Crow Call and Response

This girl did a fantastic job on her film. The 11-year old filmmaker was able to craft this film within the span of a week. She is undoubtedly going to grow up to do great things for the environment and filmmaking.

History in The Making: Poem

This is an artistic short film about a 13-year old girl’s struggle with isolation in British Columbia. She wrestles with not knowing if she will ever see her grandparents again. Through her emotional battle, she decides to ground herself in nature and her heritage.

The G.I.F.T. Short Film Festival is available from August 6, 2021, to August 14, 2021.