Monthly Wrap Up [#1]

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Hi all,

To wrap up July, I want to reflect on the past month’s activities while also laying out a plan for the months to come.

Like I said earlier this month, we are diving into some heavy topics, as that seems to be the trend most film festivals this year are going in. But it is fine, I see these short films as an opportunity to learn about humanity and discover new causes to rally behind. My goal this month is to start branching out in search of good short films.

August Schedule

The first week of August, we will be finishing up the last few reviews for PBS Short Film Festival 2021 and exploring what else the PBS platform has to offer. Then, we will move on to other film festivals, namely the Chicago International Film Festival, Asian American International Film Festival, The Girl Improved Film and Television Festival, and St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

PBS Short Film Festival 2021

My one issue with this year’s festival was how gloomy it was. It started good, but then after watching my tenth film, it became a bit depressing. Out of the 25 films selected, I counted about 12 that included controversial topics. I really wish this year’s line-up had more films with an upbeat message, such as You and The Thing You Love, The Love Bugs, Ms Diva Trucker, Grab My Hand, etc. But never-the-less, I think the films and their filmmakers were fantastic in what they delivered. The planning of the festival still needs some work. However, I will continue to be open-minded going into 2022, but I hope there are some intuitive modifications.

SFW Monthly Film Favorites


I was completely invested in this film; it is now one of my all-time favorites.

You and The Thing You Love

This is such an impactful film about the unpredictability of life and why it is always important to adapt. I love this message, especially in current times.

The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler

I knew that Mr. Mahler could not be trusted, but I liked how the filmmakers dared to tell a different type of story.


 This was such an unexpected film, where the main character’s determination could make you envious and roll your eyes. It was funny because once the main character figured out the number, there was a shared feeling of “now what?”