PBS Short Film Festival 2021 Review: Ta Hasso and Phony

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Ta Hasso

Ta Hasso is a film about a community outreach program based in Long Beach, California, and its commitment to operate throughout the pandemic with regular zoom meetings. What I enjoy most about this film is its attention to the importance of human interaction. Covid-19 was unexpected but that does not mean that we need to succumb to a feeling of isolation. My favorite part of the film was how the community outreach organization was ready and able to adapt. Also, how its members were so dedicated to the cause and willing to accept these new changes.


If you come from a family that values success and achievement, this short film is going to relay more to you. It is a funny, cheeky film about how striving for perfection in the eyes of your parents is not always an easy, or sometimes, obtainable endeavor. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, especially the ending when the mother and daughter were able to have a familial connection. The film goes on this rollercoaster of emotions, but it is nice to see that the mother appraises her daughter for more than her accomplishments.