SFW Review: Ringling College

If you want to learn more about making a career in graphic design or filmmaking, I would suggest checking out Ringling College’s degree programs. Though I have only had the opportunity to look at the school’s published student film projects, the quality of work coming out of their creative arts department is high caliber, which speaks highly to the school’s impressive programs and professors. 

I can see that the school emphasizes mastery of technicality and creativity. Each short film that I have seen has been unique in allowing the student’s voice to shine through.

Ringling College offers degrees in computer animation, photography and imaging, film, fine arts, creative writing, illustration, entertainment design, the business of art and design, virtual reality development, motion design, graphic design, visual studies, and game art. 

If you have a story to tell, or your goal is to enter the film or gaming industries, I think Ringling College would provide some great opportunities, if not just for collaborating and networking. I also think, this school would provide an opportunity to get some feedback from other people in the creative arts field. I do not say this about most colleges, but I think that overall growth in one’s craft is possible at this school. 

If you decide to apply to Ringling College, I would advise you to have a goal in mind that you are working towards as you pursue your degree. You should understand where your strengths and limitations are, and what new skills you want to adopt along the way. This will make it easier to ask for help from faculty and explore the school’s resources.

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