SFW Review: Aftermath and Take Me

Photo by Aviz on Pexels.com


A tale of two brothers who are forced to care for themselves in the frigid backcountry. While the eldest brother understands the never-ending dangers associated with survival, the younger brother is a little slow to learn. Unfortunately, when the younger brother does finally learn this lesson, it is too late.

The main theme I got from the film is either you are ready to grow up and divert away from childish ideals, or life will find a way to make you grow up. This is a hard film to watch because it is real and authentic, especially if you are a caretaker. You want children to be children, to maintain their naivety and innocence, but that is not always possible in every circumstance. Warning: This film has troubling content and a few graphic scenes.

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Take Me

I am not sure how I feel about this film. Would I have allowed my son or daughter to take the blame for my mistakes as a parent? No.

The saying, “the sins of the father, are now the sins of the son,” or maybe “guilty by association.” The idea is that no matter how bright your future may be, you are still limited by your past.

In the case of the film, it may not even be your past you are trying to escape, but your family’s past; the very foundation your life was established. I’m not sure how you, as a parent, can come back from allowing your child to go to jail for you.

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