PBS Short Film Festival 2019

Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.com

Hi all,

Here is a list of short films from PBS Short Film Festival 2019, I found noteworthy:

The Moon and The Night- This is an emotional film; it is natural to become invested in the sweet friendship between the girl and her dog.

Heroine of Hope– This is a warm and powerful documentary about a godly woman who has made it her life’s mission to care for addicted women on the street.

Love Wins- A documentary film about two women who fell in love against the odds. What I like about the film is how the women’s story is told in a light and playful way, making the film worth watching.

Rani– I like this film because it is different. It packs so many controversial subjects into a small space, but in a way, it works. This film is emotional, heartwarming, and at moments, heartbreaking. This film has a great story to tell.

The Country Priest– This is a great documentary film to watch, but it does address complicated political topics. The film is shot from the perspective of a priest who lives and works in a border town in Texas.

The Children of Central City- This is undeniably worth the watch. This film attempts to link student performance and behavioral challenges to personal trauma brought on by a dangerous living environment. I like this film because the educators offer working solutions rather than simply ignoring the problem or enacting a zero-tolerance policy.

BT Lives in the Stitch– This is a heartwarming documentary film about an inner-city teacher who offers her students a life-changing new skill through her knitting class. There is a lot of love in this film, and it was great to watch.

We Speak– I really love the artistic flow of this film. It is poetic and expressive in its delivery, and it is an inventive representation of the native perspective.

All Squared: Justice Served in a Sandwich– A documentary film about a young woman who provides ex-convicts with jobs and education. I like the concept of the restaurant’s mission. My one complaint is how short the film is; I wish there would have been more of a deep dive into the program’s mechanics. Maybe, a segment where they speak to graduates of the program or current students. I wish there were more to give the audience because the film ends a little dry.

Joan– A phenomenal film about a woman’s journey with Sarcoma, and how her ultimate diagnosis has distorted the original course of her life.

Make sure you watch these films as soon as possible. They are only available for viewing on the PBS film festival website until July 14, 2021.