2021 Short Film Festival List

Lower Eastside Short Film Festival: July 8th, 2021- July 18th, 2021

The LES Film Festival starts today, and I hope everyone is ready!

This year’s short film lineup looks exceptionally fun, with a blend of experienced and amateur filmmakers bringing their creative projects to the public eye. Work includes big names such as Michael James Raymond, Brandon Perea, Shailene Woodley, Bernie Sanders, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tulsi Gabbard.

Thirty-eight films are being introduced over the course of this ten-day festival.

Cost: $35 for an all-access pass to all films, or $10 per film.

Bicycle Film Festival: Ongoing

An incredibly unique viewing experience about bicycles, cycling, and the people who love both, this film festival will be very artistic. It looks like each location in the lineup will showcase a different selection of curated short films.

Cost: $10-$20, depending on the preferred streaming video size.