SFW Review: Woman in Stall: A Theory

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

Now, here is my theory. The film is supposed to simulate all facets of torment that women may feel in public, as well as touching on certain elements of gender stereotypes.

The man in the film has the woman cornered in the stall, trying to make small talk. He knows that he is being socially inappropriate, and this is one of his intimidation tactics. The man even resorts to manipulation to harass the woman further. He is someone who does not believe in boundaries with women. He wants the woman to believe she is in the wrong for going to the bathroom, but most importantly, the man knows what type of environment he is in, and he still taking the risk that he may be found out.

Another question is, why was no one concerned about the man being in the women’s bathroom? Was he in the restroom to take advantage of gender neutrality in public restrooms? Or was he simply perverted? Maybe that is the twist of the film, and this could explain why he was there, and why the ending was so monumental; the man used his access to terrorize people.

The man’s reaction towards the transgender woman could be for several reasons, one being that he feels like he has met his match. Compared to the woman, whom the man views as an easy target, the transgender woman is seen as a “threat”. This film serves to challenge our societal perception of what a “woman” is. We cannot look at the word “woman” and regard it the same way we did 50 years ago. Our perception must evolve, and I think the man realizes this at the end of the film. He cannot continue his old way of thinking. It is also interesting how the transgender woman saw the man in the restroom and was unbothered by him. The woman’s reaction, however, was different because she was not familiar with seeing men in the restroom. The man’s reaction is unexpected but feels well deserved because he should not prey on women in the restroom.