SFW Review: Shattered by Suyoung Jang

What I gathered from this short film are the different metaphorical interpretations of where this preferential treatment may be taking place, but the gist of it is, men and women are cut from the same cloth; they are made in the same way (given the factory setting); the only noticeable difference is that once an individual is made, one is labeled a “male”, and the other a “female”. They are made equally, but they are also separate, restricted by their physical limitations and attributes.

As these individuals are sent out of the factory, those labeled “male” automatically excel upward, while those labeled “female” are thrust downward into a pit of their own ruin, where they are seen as “disposable” objects.

We are not made aware of the fate of the males who leave the factory, but we are aware of the deplorable state of their female counterparts. From what I can see, the females cannot simply leave. They are destined to do unrelenting grunt work until they die. The females are a vital part of the factory’s overall functioning. Even so, the work they do, goes unnoticed.

However, instead of being burdened by their situation, they take on the responsibility. They use their womanhood as strength, learning that to reach the top, they must work together as one to shatter the glass ceiling that confines them.

You can watch the film here

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